Our Wonderful Op Shop is open on Tuesday 8.00am to 2.00pm.

Lots of interesting pre-loved treasures have been rediscovered and are out on display – so why not drop by and find yourself a few bargains. You will be glad you did!

We accept donations of clothes and other items

We are unable to accept electrical items




Homemade Rugs

A dedicated group at Grange Uniting Church create handmade rugs.
They make over 70 a year!

Patchwork Charity Quilts

Our famous Chat & Patch ladies create beautiful charity quilts of love, which are gifted to those in need.

Frontier Services BBQ

Every year we host an annual Frontier Services Outback BBQ.

Food for UnitingCare

Each Community Sunday, we collect food items which are donated to UnitingCare.

Schools Ministry

Grange Uniting Church recycles bottles and cans throughout the year, with funds going to support chaplains in local schools.

Knitted Beanies for Byron Place

To find out more, contact the Minister.

Regular monthly donations of grocery items for Uniting Care Wesley

To find out more, contact the Minister.

Volunteers visiting several local Aged Care Homes, including Westminster & Crichton Ct

To find out more, contact the Minister.


Our church has many groups connected with us – who hire our hall for leisure activities, exercise classes, seminars and functions, or our courts for tennis or netball.

Below are some of the groups who are a part of our wider Grange Uniting Community: